Emmett Duffy


C1 - Biodiversity is as important as climate to functioning ecosystems

Monday, August 20 9h00 - 10h00 | Coordinator: Augusto Flores

Prof. Duffy works on how marine biodiversity and ecosystem function. He has a Ph.D. in Marine Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Held research fellowships at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center and at the University of California, Davis. He is currently Professor of Marine Science and head of the Marine Biodiversity Lab at the College of William and Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and he is also Director of the Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center



Maria Carmen Lemos


C2 - The creation of applicable scientific knowledge in the field of environmental sciences

Monday, August 20 17h00 - 18h00 | Coordinator: Augusto Flores

Prof. Lemos is interested in the human dimensions of global change and environmental policy. She has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her main research is broad, especially related to the intersection between development and climate change, besides studies of the social dimension of science. Currently, she is Professor and Associate Dean for Research at University of Michigan



Susan Trumbore

C3 - Three decades of research in Amazon forest-atmosphere interactions: from ABLE to ATTO

Tuesday, August 21  9h00 - 10h00 | Coordinator: Simone Vieira

Prof. Trumbore is an ecosystem ecologist with interest in carbon cycling. She has a Ph.D. in Geochemistry from Columbia University, and she is a founding member of the Earth System Science Department at UC Irvine, and also Director and Scientific Member at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry



Robin Chazdon

C4 - Drivers of forest regeneration: integrating from leaves to landscapes

Tuesday, August 21 17h00 - 18h00 | Coordinator: Pedro Brancalion

Prof. Chazdon is a plant ecologist with experience in forest ecology. She obtained her Ph.D. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the Cornell University. She is Director of an international and interdisciplinary research coordination network, PARTNERS (People and Reforestation in the Tropics), and also develops research projects in the Instituto Internacional para Sustentabilidade, at Rio de Janeiro. She is also Executive Director of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, and Emeritus Professor in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Connecticut



Wolfgang Weisser


C5 - How fundamental research on the relationship between land use and biodiversity can and cannot inform conservation

Wednesday, August 22 9h00 - 10h00 | Coordinator: Gislene Ganade

Prof. Weisser studies biodiversity and ecosystem functions. He has a Ph.D. in Zoology from University of Oxford. His main researchers focuses in the multi-trophic interactions between plants, herbivorous insects and their natural enemies. He is also interested in plant-decomposer, plant-pollinator and plant-seed disperser interactions. Currently, he is Professor at Technische Universität München, Germany



William Sutherland

C6 - Collating the global evidence and using it to make local conservation decisions

Wednesday, August 22 14h00 - 15h00 | Coordinator: Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias

William (Bill) Sutherland holds the Miriam Rothschild Chair in Conservation Biology, University of Cambridge, is a Professorial Fellow at St Catharine’s College and has been President of the British Ecological Society. He has written six books, edited five others, published over 400 scientific papers and is a highly cited researcher. For much of his career he was a standard research ecologist with interests in applying research to applied questions and busy producing papers and books. Over the last decade or so he has become increasingly involved in linking science and policy through horizon scanning, exercises setting priority questions, improving the use of experts in decision making and especially evidence-based conservation. He intends to change global conservation practice



Jean Paul Metzger


C7 - Ecosystem services in multifunctional and sustainable landscapes

Wednesday, August 22 17h00 - 18h00 | Coordinator: Márcia Marques

Prof. Metzger studies landscape ecology and conservation. He has a Ph.D. in Landscape Ecology from University of Toulouse, France. More recently, he is exploring the relationships between landscape structure and ecosystems services, besides working as co-chair in the Brazilian Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services  (BPBES). Currently he is a Professor of Ecology at the University of São Paulo