Poster sessions

Poster preparation

The posters should present the information clearly and objectively. We suggest using text as little as possible and exploring pictures, tables, and graphics. The information shall be legible at a distance of approx. 2 meters. We suggest the use of a font larger than 20 pt

Regarding content, posters should follow the specifics of each work, but should contain: title identical to the abstract submitted, author (s), institution, contact email and, if applicable, agencies of financial support. The presenter of the work should be indicated on the poster with an asterisk *, regardless of whether or not she / he is the first author. Bibliographical references may be on a separate sheet, available to the audience


Dimensions of the poster: 90 cm wide and 120 cm high


Important instructions:

- Posters can be made and presented in Portuguese or English

- Each poster will have its place and time of presentation reserved and identified

- Each poster will be exposed only on its presentation day

- Fixing posters on presentation day: 8h00 - 9h00

- Withdrawal of posters on presentation day: 19h00 - 20h00

During the presentations, each poster will be visited by members of the event committee to confirm the presence and forward the preparation of the certificates that will be delivered by e-mail (provided in the registration form) after the event. The posters will be fixed on supports by the participant with the help of monitors


To consult the schedule of presentations, please go to the Portuguese page